Our products

Hog, Sheep and Beef casings

In our process we adapt to the needs of each client, using cuts and formats according to their specifications, thus offering alternatives to the standardised products.

Hog casings

  • Types: small, blind, chitterlings, bungs, fatends (We process the entire intestinal package of the pig).
  • Small: we adapt to every caliber need, odd or even, length and final format (washed hanks, flexible or rigid).
  • Blinds and fatends, bound or unbound, length on request.
  • Bungs and chitterlings in 9m hanks, bound.

Sheep casings

  • Available in hanks or tubes (rigid or flexible).
  • Quality: AAB, AB or A.
  • Length: 80m, 90m.
  • We import all the calibres in an intermediate phase and then we finish all the final formats in our plant. Bagging and tubing.

Beef casings

  • Types: roungs and middles.
  • Quality: A, and AB.
  • Available in hanks or tubes.
  • Length: 18m, 30m.


We continuously improve our production processes, using the best and most innovative technologies.


We work exclusively with natural products, thus guaranteeing the high quality that sets us apart from the rest.


We work to order, offering a detailed, tailor-made service for maximum satisfaction.


We have more than 40 years of experience in the production, processing and marketing of natural casings and meat.